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For years, Ference & Associates has performed a variety of intellectual property, patent, copyright, and trademark work throughout different fields of science and technology, including chemical science patents.

Intellectual property for Chemical patents covers a wide range of sub-areas that includes everything from life sciences to pharmaceutical science to chemical engineering. The patent process for chemical patents is complex and nuanced, and our skilled legal team have the necessary experience and strategic knowledge to navigate this often-confusing process.

Chemical inventions are patented under the idea that the inventor has found a new composition of matter. The parts in the composition do not have to be new, as long as they combine to make a new chemical composition. While this seems to offer a nearly endless list of possibilities, it’s important to note that proper chemical patents will be written in mind of the end result, rather than the exact pieces of the composition. Therefore, patents need to be careful identifying broader groups of components in the chemical composition instead of just the smallest individual pieces.

Chemical processes can also be patented. If you have invented a new method or technique for performing chemical processes and reactions, you should also have it protected under intellectual property law. This can also potentially cover how the new composition is put into use. Whether you are a domestic inventor or a foreign entity that needs to file a U.S. patent, we can provide a superior level of service on which you can always rely.