Case Study: How the Negg® co-founders protect their brand with Ference & Associates.

Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan are co-founders of Airigan Solutions, LLC and co-inventors of the Negg® Boiled Egg Peeler.  The Negg® is a patented egg peeler used by chefs and at-home cooks. The Negg® egg peeler makes it possible to peel a dozen eggs in under four minutes. Due to the visibility and popularity of the product, Tyler and Torgan saw their product being counterfeited by companies around the world and experienced a devastating loss of revenue as a result. Having secured trademark and intellectual property rights early on, they requested the help of Ference & Associates to protect the company they built and the integrity of their products and brand.  In novel cases, Ference & Associates was able to obtain injunctive relief in Federal court to stop the sale of counterfeit Negg® egg peelers on online marketplaces such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and  Judgments totaling more than $185 million have also been obtained on behalf of Airigan Solutions, LLC and Tyler and Torgan.  As a result of the work by Ference & Associates, sales of Negg® egg peelers by Airigan Solutions have rebounded and the integrity of its Negg® product and brand have been preserved.

Watch Bonnie and Sheila tell their story of how they struggled with IP protection and counterfeiters before working with Ference & Associates.

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May 29, 2020